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professional photoshop actions

Artistique Collection – Actions, Textures, Overlays

The whole kit and caboodle of the Artistique Collection – Actions, Textures, Overlays

*Actions NOT compatible with photoshop elements

**Not compatible with Lightroom

***PLEASE NOTE – you will get two downloads with this purchase – one for the actions and one for the textures and overlays

27 actions total

  • 7 classic workflow actions – basic clean editing actions, for eyes, for skin, for brightening, adding contrast, increase color saturation.
  • 14 creative and tonal actions – vintage tones. cool hues, matte and hazy or contrasty
  • 3 texture and overlay actions – speed up application of textures and/or overlays
  • 3 digital paint and sketching actions – these actions have several layers to choose from to bring imperfections of hand created images.

Easy to use actions, fully customizable. All KMLC actions are created with the creative person in mind. Actions are not created to be “run and done” though sometimes that may happen. These actions are created for you to get in there and use the layers and the masks to create just the look and feel you are striving for with your images. Turn layers on or off, adjust the opacity, you can even try changing the blending modes of the layers. You are only halted by your own creativity.
compatible with photoshop CS2+, CC, photoshop elements, GIMP

*not compatible with Lightroom

69 total textures and overlays in this collection

30 Textures – soft and subtle to edgy and grungy
10 Light Overlays – sunflare, sun rays. setting sun and fantasy lighting + 4 rainbows for some extra fun
29 Tonal Overlays – Some overlays are smooth while others have the slightest bit of texture to them. All tones, soft pastel tones to richer more earth toned.

All textures and overlays are high resolution – 60×40 at 72 ppi – sized for most images.

Created with fine art in mind. I love old portrait paintings, the textures and the depths of them. These textures were created to help create that look. Cracked paint, crinkles and brush strokes. Use just one or stack them to get even more texture. You are only limited by your imagination.
some images used in the samples © Melissa DeWitt Photography




Tester Images © KML Creatives, Melissa DeWitt Photography,
After your payment clears you will be directed to a download link. Please click the link to download. Link will expire. If you do not get your download link within 24 hours please contact me at with your order number and I will get the link to you asap.

This collection is in a zipped folder. You will need a zip program to open them. If you do not have a zip program there are many out there that are free to use. I recommend 7zip. It is free and I personally have used it for years with no issues.

* due to the nature of these downloaded products, no refunds or returns can be granted

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