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Rose Petal Overlays

Rose Petal Overlays

There are individual rose petals plus groups of rose petals. Default color is a reddish pink. These rose petals can used in so many ways. Think of an apple orchard in the spring full of blooms with a soft gentle breeze plucking blooms petals and carrying them in the air filling your senses with their fragrance.

  • 3 groups of rose petals
  • 8 single rose petals

Rose petals are high resolution png files, with a clear background. So easy to use, just place and resize as desired. Overlays are compatible with all CS, CC, PSE and GIMP.
**Please note that the bonus actions are only compatible with CS and CC.

As a bonus I am throwing in actions to help you achieve your ultimate image.

  • 1 rose petal application action
  • 11 petal color change actions * yellow
    * fuschia
    * violet
    * blue
    * peach/orange
    * light pink
    * black
    * black cherry
    * white
    * sky blue
    * rich red
    Be sure to read the directions/instructions contained within the actions so that they will work properly for you.

Bonus actions are ONLY compatible with CS and CC


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