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Faq – Terms of Use

Refunds/Return Policy

Refunds/Return Policy

Due to the digital nature of KMLC products, there is no way to return or exchange products. Be sure to read product description, look at the samples provided to be sure the product you are purchasing is a good fit for your needs.

Under no circumstance are KMLC textures, actions, overlays, templates or other products refundable or returnable. Please make sure you purchase the proper product for you software/program.


All KMLC Products, textures, actions, overlays, template or other products, both purchased and paid are full copyright protected by KML Creatives/ Kristen Bates. They are not to be resold or redistributed in any fashion, those in violation may be prosecuted under copyright infringement law.

Lost Product/ Replacement Policy

KMLC is under no obligation to replace lost products. If you still have your purchase receipt, KMLC will work with you to help you retrieve your product. If you have no receipt, KMLC will not replace your product under any circumstance. Please back up your purchased products.

Terms of Use

KML Creatives/Kristen Marie Loveography/Kristen Marie Bates

Permission for Use and Modification Without Distribution

(1) You are permitted to use the Standard Version and create and use Modified Versions for any purpose without restriction, provided that you do not Distribute the
Modified Version.

Copyright Notice
These textures/templates/actions/overlays are all protected under Federal Copyright © 2011 KML Creatives/Kristen Marie Loveography/Kristen Bates

**Permitted Uses** Subject to the restrictions described under Prohibited Uses below, the following are “Permitted Uses” of Textures, actions, overlays, templates and all other products:

1. Advertising and promotional projects, including printed materials, product packaging, presentations, film and video presentations, commercials,
catalogs, brochures, promotional greeting cards and promotional postcards;
2. Entertainment applications, such as books and book covers, magazines, newspapers, editorials, newsletters, and video,
broadcast and theatrical presentations;
3. On–line or electronic publications, including web pages and digital scrapbook designs;
4. Prints, posters (i.e. a hardcopy) and other reproductions;
5. Any other uses approved in writing by Kristen Bates/KML Creatives/Kristen Marie Loveography

If there is any doubt that a proposed use is a Permitted Use, you should contact me, Kristen Bates at

**Prohibited Use**

Prohibited Uses. You may not do anything with the Brushes/artwork that is not expressly permitted in the preceding section.
Also note the following are “Prohibited Uses” and you may not:

1. Sell (or in anyway distribute) the png, jpeg, psd, actions and abr files as stand alone products ;
2. Use the Brushes/Artwork in a fashion that is considered pornographic, obscene, immoral, infringing, defamatory or libelous in nature,
or that would be reasonably likely to bring any person or property reflected in the Products/Artwork into disrepute;
3. Use or display the Products/Artwork in an electronic format that enables it to be downloaded or distributed via mobile devices or shared in any
peer-to-peer or similar file sharing arrangement;
4. Use the Products/Artwork for editorial purposes without including the following credit adjacent to the artwork: ©KML Creatives/Kristen Marie Loveography


All textures/overlays are in .jpg or png form. Open textures in a photo editing program with layers.
Templates are used with clipping masks
Instructions for installing actions are included